To Our Library Customers…

In order to stretch our dollars and staff time to best serve you, we are making the following
changes in our Holds Policy and Account Notice service effective March 1, 2013:

      • All Holds and other account notices will be sent by email or text instead of
        mail or phone. When you receive your email it will provide the date the item
       needs to be picked up before you will be charged. This date is also available in
       the MY RECORD portion of our catalog.Generally, books and cds have a one 
       week pick up and DVDs have 4 days.

      • A $3 fee per item will be charged when items placed on hold are not picked

Please check your library account today and make sure that we have your current email address. 
If you prefer text over email, simply supply your cell phone number
and ask to receive notices by text.

Click here to update your info on our Contact Us form.


The Why behind the changes….

Getting your notices by email or text is quick and convenient for you
and an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective way to use library resources! 

It costs us $4 in staff and delivery costs to move an item from library to library. 
So when, a cardholder places an item on hold, but doesn't pick it up, we have
spent money unnecessarily.  The $3 fee will help offset those costs.

*Don't have an email address or cell phone? Please ask staff for assistance.